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PERIOD : 2016 – 2020

To realize the objectives and functions of the Federation of Mining and Energy at all levels, need to be drawn up a work plan for the next four years (period 2016-2020). The work plan as described below, become the guideline work at all levels of the organization for the next four years.

1.      Comittee Commissariat

  • Recruiting workers to become members of FPE.
  • Conducting outreach to members of the labor law and other laborers.
  • Implement a dialogue meeting with members regularly.
  • Conduct a legal defense against its members;
  • Ability to negotiate a Collective Labour Agreement of quality;
  • Establishing a harmonious industrial relations and dynamic companies and governments.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of trade union members and membership fee;

 2.      Branch Board Council

  • Recruiting Members and forming commissariats;
  • Conducting counseling labor law for members and Comittee commissariat;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of trade union members and dues from members;
  • Conducting a legal defense to members with active; Encourage and assist Committee Commissariat  in making PKB;
  • Actively in institutions such as the tripartite dialogue;
  • Fighting for the welfare of members

 3.      Central Board Council

  • Provide assistance in terms of recruitment, formation commissariat and branch;
  • Providing education and legal counseling to members, Comittee commissariat and branches;
  • Actively participate in providing awareness to the members and officials of trade unions and their jobs;
  • Conducting a legal defense to members who faces a dispute with employers;
  • Do consolidation to Branch and Commisariat;
  • Actively participate in the institution of the National Tripartite;
  • Establish and improve partnerships at national and international level.

 4.      Labor Agreements and Collective Labour Agreement (CLA)

  1. Board Commisariat make CLA or employment contract with the company;
  2. Develop a working agreement with the employers members
  3. Comittee Commisariat fight for their secretariat and its equipment.
  1. The content of CBA should be more better than the content of last CBA

5.      Member Dues :

  1. Membership fees are set at Rp. 20.000; / person each month.
  2. Collection dues made through check of system (COS) and by other means.

 6.      Protection and Security of employment

  1. Flexibility of labor relations resulting in more workers are bound by the contract labor system does not guarantee the continuity of the work. To face such practices, it would require a new regulation that is able to control it.
  2. Conducting campaigns:
  • Stop Contractual Labor
  • Remove discrimination
  • Permanent YES.

7.      Procurement of Secretariat

Observing the development of increasingly significant members deemed necessary to strengthen the authority of the organization. One of the things that can support it is to have its own secretariat. For this purpose, FPE plan office with an estimated purchase price of Rp. 5,000,000,000, - (five billion rupiah)

 8.      Sector Classification

  1. MINING :

Mining is the whole of the furrows of Natural Resources and inorganic minerals extracted from the earth the intangibles raw materials. The results of the excavation is divided into three (3) categories, namely:

              a.    Crude Oil, Gas, sulfur, asphalt, etc.;

              b.   Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Manganese, Nickel, Chlorine, Iron Ore, Ore Metal, etc.

              c.    Coal, Limestone, marble stone, coral, sand, etc..

              2.     Energy :

Energy is the result of industrial processes that material processed from raw materials that will manifest into energy (power source), either in the form of solid or liquid substances. Were included in the category of energy is petroleum processing, Electricity, Gas, Geothermal, Nuclear, Solar, Hydro






Industrial Processing and Utilization of Natural Energy


Mine Excavation A, B, C


Power Plants: Water, Gas, Steam, Nature Liquid, Nuclear, Solar, Electric, Diesel, etc.

Mineral processing A, B, C

Gold, coal, bauxite, petroleum, Stones, Iron Ore, Limestone, Gems. Granite, gravel, sand, Marble, Cement and Soil.



All types of jobs in the processing of quarry A, B, C into semi-finished materials

All work in the process of mining / quarrying A, B, C