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Publish date: 07 Oct 2021, Author : fpesbsi

After being absent from the XVIII PKB negotiations, finally the PK FPE PT. Vale Indonesia was re-engaged in the XIX CLA negotiations. The involvement of PT Vale Indonesia"s PK FPE after RUAK PK PT. Vale trusted Isak Bukang to become PK Chair replacing Washington.

This time the PKB negotiations were held in Makassar and several other agreed places. The PKB negotiations themselves opened on September 8, 2021 at the Four Point hotel, Makassar.

Present at the opening of PT Vale Indonesia CEO Febri. In his remarks, Febri hoped that Vale would become a world class that would continue to provide good welfare to the community around PT. Vale and the workers who work at PT. Vale Indonesia and his family.

In addition, Febri also explained that as a multinational company, PT. Vale is also obliged to involve the involvement of women to work at PT. Vale.

"Occupational Safety and Health for both employees and the surrounding community is the main thing that must remain a priority for the company," said Febri.


PKB negotiating team to XIX PT. Vale Indonesia, which was attended by the CEO of PT Vale Indonesia, Febri.

In the PKB negotiations, several unions were involved. Several unions involved in the PKB negotiations were FPE KSBSI, SPKEP, and SSVI. In this negotiation, SP KEP still dominates the delegation with 4 representatives. Followed by the SSVI enterprise level union with 3 representatives and FPE 2 representatives.

"What"s interesting is that in the PKB negotiations this time, we did not appoint the Chair and Secretary of the negotiating team as is customary so far, we did it collectively, collegial, if there was a problem, we would discuss it together," said Isak, who was contacted via cellular.

As for Isak"s hope as representing FPE KSBSI at PT. Vale Indonesia, the company"s location is in East Luwu, South Sulawesi "The company operates sustainably and employees and their families can enjoy prosperity," said Isak.

"PT. Vale used to be the number 1 nickel producer in Indonesia, but nowadays there is more and more competition for nickel producers, while the priority for OHS in the workplace remains the most important thing for the company and this certainly costs a lot of money”. Say Isak

At the end, Isak explained that this negotiation was planned to end on December 15, 2021 at the latest with a place that could change based on mutual agreement between the negotiating team.(Rl)