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Publish date: 07 Oct 2021, Author : fpesbsi

After the issuance of PP 37 of 2021 concerning Job Loss Guarantee (JKP) it was considered complicated by the heads of federations affiliated to KSBSI. This statement was expressed by the federation leaders to the speakers who explained PP 37 at the National Meeting held by KSBSI on September 16-17 2021 at the Balairung hotel, Jakarta,

Present as a speaker at the event were El Ginanjar, SE, MM, from BPJS Employment Center, Nindya from the Ministry of Manpower and Rekson Silaban from MPO KSBSI.

Both Eli and Nidya explained that JKP will be given at 45% for 3 months and 25% for the next 3 months with a wage value that does not exceed 5 million rupiah.


JKP For Who ?

Meanwhile, there are basic obligations that must be fulfilled by each JKP participant where the participant has not reached the age of 54 years, and the requirements to get JKP are that there must be an official layoff and have contributed for 1 year with the condition of paying 6 consecutive months.

Some participants on this occasion doubted that the implementation of the JKP could run well. Moreover, JKP cannot be accepted by PKWT. Meanwhile, PKWTT can only accept if there is an official layoff. So if there is no official layoff or the layoff becomes an objection from the workers and will go to Mediation and PHI, the disbursement of JKP funds can only be disbursed after a final decision is made.

“In our opinion, PP No. 37 of 2021 concerning the JKP does not benefit the workers and labor unions much.” said Riswan Lubis

Furthermore, Riswan added

“If someone is laid off verbally and the worker brings the case to mediation and the IRC, where the decision can take up to 3 years, the worker will continue to suffer during the layoff process, when in fact the hope of the worker during the process is that he should receive assistance while unemployed. ”

For each participant, they can only get JKP assistance in the following month on condition that they must show evidence that the person concerned made an application looking for a job in at least 5 companies and has passed the interview but has not been accepted.(rl)