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FPE KSBSI attends the 3rd Virtual Industrial Congress
Publish date: 07 Oct 2021, Author : fpesbsi

After being absent for more than three years, finally the Federation of Mining and Energy, the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (FPE KSBSI) is back to actively participating in international activities.

The involvement of FPE KSBSI in attending IndustriALL activities on an international scale after the head office of IndustriALL lifted the sanction given to FPE KSBSI because it was deemed not to agree with IndustriALL decision.

Although the lifting of sanctions to FPE was notified verbally in mid-February 2021, FPE received an official letter in early September 2021, with the letter being made on May 3, 2021.


Hundreds of Industriall Delegates join Virtual Congress

3rd Congress

Corona, who was considered unfriendly, made the 3 IndustriALL Congress held Virtually. The congress was attended by 600 delegates and 600 observers. This 3rd IndustriALL Congress will be held on September 14-15, 2021.

At the opening of the Congress, Sharan Burrow, a senior trade union official from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) was present. In his remarks, Sharan hoped to continue partnering with IndustriALL. Sharan also explained that the impact of Covid-19 made many workers lose their jobs.

Apart from Sharan, he was also present to give a speech by the Director of the ILO, Guy Ryder.

According to Valter Sanches, for the period: 2016-2021, there are many problems faced by workers who are members of IndustriALL, which has around 50 million members from 111 countries.

Furthermore, Valter explained that many countries think that in order to maintain economic stability, companies and Governments defend poor labor rights.

Furthermore, Valter also explained that recently there have been many layoffs in various parts of the world caused by Covid-19. The impact is that 6% of IndustriALL"s organizational fees have decreased. But on the other hand, savings have occurred because the management of IndustriALL cannot carry out various agendas in various parts of the world.


In the election of a new board for the period: 2021-2025 Jorg Hofman was elected as President of IndustriALL and Atle Hoie as Secretary General. Jorg Hofman from Germany was re-elected President of IndustriALL, while Atle Hoie from Brazil replaced Valter Sanches.

In addition to the President and the Secretary General, the Vice President and 3 assistants to the Secretary General were also elected.

In addition, on September 7, 2021, various administrators at the regional level have been elected.


Finally, the 3 IndustriALL Congress closed on September 15, 2021 at 19.00 WIB by producing several recommendations from the Congress.

Several important resolutions were decided at the IndustriALL Congress this time regarding the involvement of 40% of women in various boards.


Valter Sanches Secretary General of IndustriALL period : 2016-2021


In addition, the issue of sexual violence in the workplace is also an important resolution and asks each country to urge their respective governments to ratify ILO Convention No.190.

Furthermore, there are also resolutions related to OSH in mining, the Job Creation Act which is currently rolling in the Constitutional Court to the attention of IndustriALL.

Meanwhile, several issues outside Indonesia were also accepted as resolutions. Several issues outside Indonesia that were accepted into resolutions were concerning Myanmar and the arrest and detention of labor union leaders in South Korea.

At the last opportunity, President-elect Jorg Hofman and Secretary General Atle Hoie would like to thank all delegates and observers who have contributed to joining the 3rd IndustriALL Congress which was held virtually for the first time.

The new leadership will work optimally to fight for labor rights in various parts of the world by prioritizing Social Dialogue. The leaders decided to hold the first meeting on 15 December 2021 to implement the various recommendations that had been decided in Congress.(rl)