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Tapera participants can have home, but the wages must be under Rp 8 million
Publish date: 08 Jul 2020, Author : fpesbsi

The management of the People"s Housing Savings agency or BP Tapera mentions a number of criteria or requirements for participants who want to own a house that is one of them with a maximum income of Rp 8 million and has never had a private home.

Participants who meet the criteria of low income people (MBR) ie a maximum income of Rp 8 million and yet have a home have the right to submit the benefits of housing financing with cheap interest to buy a home using the MORTGAGE scheme based on the priority to be established by BP Tapera. Also in accordance with the criteria stated in the PP implementation of Tapera,  "said Deputy commissioner of BP Tapera Eko Ariantoro in the written information that has been received in Jakarta, Wednesday, 3 June 2020.


A citizen to dry the harvest rice in the area of student Flats (Rusunawa) of the State University of Siliwangi (Unsil) in Tamansari, Tasikmalaya City, West Java, Friday 1 May 2020. The Ministry of Public Works and housing (PUPR) is functioning while the student flats is a resting place for healthcare professionals who handle COVID-19 patients. Antara PHOTOS/Adeng Bustomi

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FTA will effect in July 4, Indonesia will be flooded with goods from Hong Kong?
Publish date: 08 Jul 2020, Author : fpesbsi

The Hong Kong government is releasing information relating to the Government of Indonesia under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the Investment Agreement (IA) between Hong Kong, China, and ASEAN will take effect on July 4.

"Regarding the trade of goods under FTA, Indonesia will progressively reduce and remove goods originating from Hong Kong," government spokesman SAR Hong Kong, Wednesday (3/6).

The tariff commitments made by Indonesia also cover a variety of Hong Kong commodities. Among them are jewellery, clothing and clothing accessories, watches and clocks, as well as toys.

In the service trade, Hong Kong service providers will enjoy better business opportunities and legal certainty in market access for various services sectors in Indonesia under FTA.

This includes the Hong Kong service sector which has traditional powers or has the potential for development, such as business services, construction and related engineering services, as well as tourism and travel related services, according to the spokesman.


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Coal selling price is predicted to be still grim, this is caused by analysts caused by analysts
Publish date: 24 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

Coal prices had crawled up through May 2020 though again showing signs of decline at the end of the month. At the end of last April, coal prices at ICE Newcastle for delivery contracts in August 2020, were at US $54.45 per tonne. Then, the price rose slowly to reach US $57.35 per tonne on 26 May 2020. Unfortunately, the coal price at ICE Newcastle declined again on the next two trading days and closed at US $55.55 per tonne on 28 May 2020.

The analyst Samuel Sekuritas Dessy Lapagu estimates that the world's coal prices up to the end of 2020 will still stagnate at US $50 per tonne. According to him, the new world coal prices could rise again when China and India's

consumption recovered. Later on, the condition could encourage the import of coal by both countries. "Considering, China and India are absorbing large enough global coal products," said Dessy when contacted, Friday (29/5). Unfortunately, Dessy sees, the demand of both markets will still slow down this year. In addition to the decline in consumption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, China is also planning to reduce coal imports and maximize its domestic production. As a result, global coal markets will still be depressed.

Meanwhile, for the domestic market, he predicted that there will be a rise in the demand of coal that is driven by the needs of PT Corporation Listrik Negara (Persero) along with the potential for rising domestic consumption. "Now the domestic market is slowing down because of PSBB, but I estimate will be recovered in the second semester 2020," said Dessy.

Illustration. Aerial photograph of the temporary accumulation of coal in Muarojambi, Jambi.


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Publish date: 22 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

COMMISCONDUCT Manager, Federation of Mining and Energy, PT Freeport Indonesia, (PK FPE PT FI) has just conducted an audience with Disnakertrans District Mimika, Papua.

Interestingly, the audience was in the hotel Grand Mozza Timika, on 15 May 2020. This is due to the Unmute Covid 19.

Present in this time is the presence of several representatives of PK FPE KSBSI PT Freeport. Meraka is, Marjan Tusang, SH. M. H, Yunus Y. Howay, Makmeser Kafiar, Albertus Major, Barselius Werimon, Lodevikus Woersok,, Arianto Kanan, SH, Buce Pattikawa, F. Tom Jones Hutapea, and Abdon D. Imbiri.

Meanwhile, from Disnakertrans Kab. Mimika was directly attended by Kadisnaker Kab. Mimika, Ronny S. Marjen, S. STP, MH.

In the audience, the leaders of the Mining and Energy Federation of PT Freeport want to get inputs and provide inputs related to the condition of employees of PT Freeport post their Covid-19.

It turns exchange information related to Covid-19 in Freeport. Not only for the needs of the Union administrators, Disnakertrans Kab. Mimika also needs information about the field conditions.

Kadisnakertrans: "Is it still jostle in the bus and at the Trump?”

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BPJS Health Dues raised back, Does this violate the MA decision?
Publish date: 19 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

President Joko Widodo (...) raises the BPJS health dues that had been cancelled in the Supreme Court (MA) decision. Tuition increases are certainly not violating the MA verdict.

BPJS Health dues increase has been stipulated in the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 64 year 2020. BPJS Health ensure the increase in dues does not violate the previous MA verdict.

 "Issuance of presidential Regulation No. 64 year 2020 does not violate the Supreme Court"s decision," said Press received information, Friday (15/5/2020).

Based on MA Regulation No. 1 of 2011 on the right of Materil test, there are three provisions in carrying out the decision of the MA, among other things by issuing new regulations, canceling the rules sued by the applicant or if in 90 days no new regulations are issued, then the rules in question has no legal force.

The Government has responded to the MA ruling by publishing new regulations. Thus, the latest regulation of Presidential Decree No. 64 year 2020 does not violate MA verdict.


The officers serve the residents at the office of BPJS Health Services Central Jakarta, Matraman, Jakarta, Tuesday (3/8). [Antara)

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The world"s Gold is now a "Sleeping Giant "
Publish date: 15 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

The world gold price has strengthened on the trade on Tuesday (12/5/2020) and back up US $1,700/troy ounces. Market participants who are beginning to be able to spread the disease pandemic corona (Covid-19) of the second wave, have made the appeal of gold as a safe asset back to increased.

Gold ended trading Tuesday at the level of US $1.702, 14/troy ounces, strengthening a number of 0.36% in the spot market reported Refinitiv data.

The risk of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic increased after the addition of cases in China and South Korea. The two countries that previously had "won" against the Corona virus now have to return to standby due to the potential for the second wave spread. In the last 2 days, the World Health Organization (WHO) data mentioned there was a new case in China up 0.02%.

Photo: Gold bullion and coins in the safe Pro Aurum in Munich, Germany on August 14, 2019. (REUTERS/Michael Dalder)

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BILL Copyright of Employment sued to PTUN Jakarta
Publish date: 15 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

A number of civil society coalitions led the decision of President Joko Widodo to continue the discussion of copyright law draft with DPR to state Administrative Court (PTUN) Jakarta on Thursday (30/4/2020).

This lawsuit was filed after the coalition assumed that the copyright BILL work had many problems in it. Coordinator of advocacy for Democracy Arif Maulana said, one of the problems that arise in the establishment of this BILL is the procedure conducted by the Government is assessed in violation of the norms set out in the Law No. 12 of 2011 on the establishment of legislation.

"In LAW the establishment of legislation there is a planning phase. This could be by the HOUSE or in the context of this BILL of planning proposed by the president,  "Arif said in a virtual press conference, Sunday (3/5/2020).

Women Labour held demonstration action in Jakarta to reject omnibus law BILL copyright of Employment, Friday (6/3/2020) (KSPI document)

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Revision of the mining LAW company Minerba proposed to have Back up fund deposits
Publish date: 10 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) proposed that the mining company of Mining Business License (IUP) for production operations and special IUP production operations must carry out its advanced exploration in each year.

Director General of Mineral Minerba Ministry of ENERGY, Bambang Gatot Ariyono said, this provision will be outlined in the revision of Mineral and Coal Law (MINERBA), which is being shaken with the House of Representatives. During this time, Bambang said, in areas owned by mining companies have not been conducted detailed exploration activities.

 "We will ask for a detailed exploration so that the government gets the real data from our backup," he explained. Bambang"s rate, high-risk exploration activities require large funds. Therefore, the government will arrange for mining companies to insert investments in exploration through the Minerba Reserve Resistance Fund.

 "It is pointless to search for areas that have not yet developed new territories," he said.

Another step that the government takes to find a mining deposit is through research assignments by the Minister of Energy and Mineral resources to state research institutes, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), Regional owned enterprises (BUMD), or business entities. The assignment aims to prepare coal mining business Permit (WIUP) area and metal WIUP.


Mining illustration

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Employees with a producer of Rp 16 million and below may earn additional income from Tax Deductions
Publish date: 10 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

The government has issued official rules regarding tax incentives for the business world. There are more than 18 sectors and 1,062 classification of business fields that get tax waivers.

This rule is contained in regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) Number 44 year 2020 about about tax incentives for taxpayers affected by Pandemi COVID-19. The Beleid is valid from 27 April 2020.

One of the rules in the toll step is income tax (PPH) Article 21 or employee salary tax which is fully borne by the Government, during April 2020 to September 2020.

The employee has a maximum of Rp 200 million a year or approximately Rp 16.5 million per month. That is, employees who are entitled to receive incentives are those whose salary is Rp 16.5 million down per month.

The waivers also apply to employees who have been covered by the company or each month have received net salary.


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Publish date: 08 Jun 2020, Author : fpesbsi

May Day 2020 is a different year from the previous year. If earlier May Day celebrations were celebrated in a high spirit, but in the midst of the time of "Corona", May Day is not like the same.

Nevertheless, FPE KSBSI in various regions remains creative in welcoming INTERNATIONAL LABOR DAY celebrations.

PK FPE KSBSI di Luwu Timur Sulawesi Selatan

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