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Federation of Mining and Energy (FPE) is a labor union that particularly handling a labor issues in the mining and energy sector. FPE established on April 30 1998, in indonesia FPE affiliated to Indonesia Prosperous Labor Union (KSBSI), beside in the International level FPE affiliated to Induastriall.


Untill now FPE had a members that spread in all Indonesia which covers various bussines sectors such : oil, gas, geothermal, coal, nickel, gold, cement, electricity and ga station.


Although FPE priority is labor which working permanently, but also has a members which working with Outsourcing and contract system.



In the increasing of members prosperity, FPE priority the SOCIAL DIALOGUE. Social Dialogue also use as a effort in the solving various problems with a varous parties. With social dialogue expected all problems can be solved. If social dialogue not get the positive response from various parties, so the law efforts are the next alternative which will be done before use the last effort which do a strike/peacefull rally.



As a labor union which following the global progress, FPE held a various training in a various level, local, national, and international with a various issues that developing.



Each FPE’s members are reserve the right to get a legal defense from the organisation, local, national ang international. The members advocacy above as long as the related did not do a criminal offenses.